Cybersecurity as an Enabler for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

SCADAfence helps manufacturers gain full visibility and risk management over their OT networks while adopting Industrial IoT technologies
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Manufacturing Industry Security Challenges
The Industrial IoT digital transformation is revolutionizing manufacturing networks, but the adoption of the advanced technologies is creating new challenges for IT/OT security teams:
Likelihood of malware infection increases dramatically
With increased connectivity, air-gapping becomes obsolete, patching is more difficult and expensive
Shadow OT – undocumented devices running in the shadows
OT and IT teams speak “different languages”

Manufacturing industries are increasingly migrating to smart manufacturing technologies as part of the ongoing fourth industrial revolution. With increased connectivity and advanced automation systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES) that integrate plant floor production (ICS/SCADA networks) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, manufacturing objectives revolve around maximizing productivity, but at the same time they create new vulnerabilities and risks such as production manipulation, operational downtime and sensitive data-theft threats.

In the last 5 years, manufacturing industries have been the victims of an increased number of cyberattacks, such as the Havex/Dragonfly campaign that targeted industrial control systems across the USA and Europe or the most well-known WannaCry and NotPetya that caused havoc in the automotive, food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing plants. Events like these result in significant revenue loss valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, reputation damage, loss of competitive edge and sometimes public and employee’s safety issues.

SCADAfence Addresses Manufacturing Security Concerns
SCADAfence provides manufacturing organizations OT security solutions that allow them to increase connectivity, while keeping the proper control and visibility of their OT networks:
Complete asset discovery and visibility of OT network
Detection of threats such as malware and malfunctions
Risk reduction through continuous monitoring
Predictive attack scenarios and proactive mitigations

Manufacturers need to shift from “How can I isolate my production network,” to “How can I secure my network while it is connected?”. SCADAfence provides non-intrusive continuous monitoring of all OT network activities. This enables administrators to respond in real time to events that jeopardize the operational continuously. By detecting malware infection, misconfigurations and device malfunction – IT and OT managers can reduce the likelihood of downtime in critical operational networks.

Connectivity between OT and enterprise systems, such as ERP, network complexity and production automation, and new external connectivity to vendors and IIoT services is changing the way that OT networks operate. Such changes, together with manually generated or outdated asset inventories, create increased blind spots for OT network administrators – or Shadow OT devices. SCADAfence provides a complete, automated asset discovery and inventory that includes mapping of network traffic, bandwidth analysis and critical forensics information.

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